Robyn Dirlam

Robyn Dirlam

Registered Associate – The Grace Group

Phone 517-789-0153

Robyn was born and raised in Michigan and hails from the Upper Peninsula. Robyn earned an Associate’s Degree from Jackson College in 1982 and joined the Grace Group in 2007.

Robyn appreciates working with people who put their client’s objectives first. She excels in the operation and logistics of The Grace Group and earned recognition as a Platinum Council Client Associate 2012 - 2018. The Wells Fargo Advisors Platinum Council Client Associate (previously Premier Client Associate) distinction is held by a select group of Registered Client Associates within Wells Fargo Advisors nominated by their management for their consistent display of professionalism, integrity and core leadership values.

Robyn’s ability to understand and complete client requests accurately and efficiently is integral to the Grace Group’s success.

Robyn and husband Tom have a passion for traveling and especially enjoy motorcycle excursions.They raised 2 wonderful sons Zach & Josh; they are Robyn’s pride and joy.